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Writing for PG Holyfield’s Tales of the Children podcast anthology was a great experience, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post.

Hearing my words come to life is a great experience, too!

Tales of the Children: Episode 1 released this past Friday, featuring my story “Swimming Lessons”. It’s about a thirty minute file (the story itself reads about twenty minutes long), and I hope you’ll go to PG’s site and take a listen.

While you’re there, subscribe to the RSS feed so that you won’t miss future installments. The Land of Caern, home of PG’s debut novel Murder at Avedon Hill, is a rich and intriguing world, and the Tales of the Children anthology is a series of companion stories from some great authors.

The Parsec-nominated podcast novel Murder at Avedon Hill is available at PG Holyfield’s website and at The print edition is forthcoming from Dragon Moon Press.

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