I’m pleased to announce that WHEN THE VILLAIN COMES HOME is now available in print on amazon.com! The ebook, and distribution to other online retail venues, will be following shortly.

In ongoing celebration of the book’s release, I’m spotlighting some of the authors in the anthology here on the blog. I’m trying to organize these a bit so that this doesn’t stretch on for fifteen weeks, and keep the posts timely at the same time, so this week we’ll be hearing from several of the Villain authors who will be putting in an appearance at GenCon (Indianapolis, August 16-19). Next week we’ll pick up some ChiCon attendees, and the week after that, some DragonCon attendees, so that if you’re going to be heading out to one of those conventions, you’ll know who to look for.

Up today: Steve Bornstein, Richard Lee Byers, and Erik Scott de Bie

* Name: Steve Bornstein
* Location: Central Texas or the Gulf of Mexico, depending on when you ask
* Twitter: @steve_bornstein
* Website: The occasionally-updated stevebornstein.com
* What inspired your story? / What’s the background behind your story?

    I’ve been exploring the character of the Scourge and his world for a number of years, and always had the idea that there was something in his past that radically changed the way he viewed himself and his role. This anthology gave me the opportunity to really dig into it and explore that time in his life.

* Will you be appearing at any cons/signings/events this year? If so, where?

    I’ll be at Gencon this year, though I’m not scheduled for any signings. If anyone manages to track me down, though, I’ll be happy to sign!

* What are you working on now?

    Submitting to more anthologies while I see if I can tease out a full-length novel of the Scourge.

* Excerpt your favorite line/passage from your story:

The bright sun of a spring day, the scent of the renewed woods thick in his nose. The forest waking around him, readying itself for the long run to autumn. The softly glowing string of his bow taut in his fingers, holding it at the ready for his prey, stalking for a kill. These are his last good memories.

* Any acknowledgements you’d like to mention?

    I’d like to thank Gabrielle and Ed for being gracious and awesome, and both of them and all the other writers for being so welcoming and encouraging.

* Name: Richard Lee Byers
* Location: Tampa Bay area, FL
* Twitter: @rleebyers
* Website: Richard’s Amazon Page

* What inspired your story? / What’s the background behind your story?

    Antoinette is one of the supporting characters from my post-apocalyptic superhero eBook series The Impostor. I’ve been fond of her ever since I came up with her, and the premise of When the Villain Comes Home gave me a perfect opportunity to explore her background.

* Will you be appearing at any cons/signings/events this year?

    Gen Con, Chicon 7, and Necronomicon (in St. Petersburg, FL in October.)

* What’s your next publication after this?

    Called to Darkness, my first Pathfinder novel, is due out in December. Blind God’s Bluff, the first book in a new urban fantasy series, comes out in January. Prophet of the Dead, my next Forgotten Realms novel, comes out in February.

* What are you working on now?

    A prose story featuring the heroes from a series of graphic novels. It’ll appear as a backup story in one of the volumes.

* Name: Erik Scott de Bie
* Location: Seattle
* Twitter: @erikscottdebie
* Website: erikscottdebie.com
* What’s the background behind your story?

    A villain is really just a flawed hero who makes the wrong choices or is willing to go farther to accomplish her goals–get her hands bloodier–than the hero. Often, this has to do with dark power, which can be very, very addictive. My story, “Hunger of the Blood Reaver,” focuses on such a heroic villain, addicted to evil, struggling in a world where the best intentions can bring about the worst atrocities. It is the second story I’ve set in the World of Ruin (the first being “Oathbreaker,” in When the Hero Comes Home), the setting for an epic fantasy series I will eventually publish, starting with the first novel, SHADOW OF THE WINTER KING.

*Will you be appearing at any cons/signings/events this year?

    I am at SpoCon this weekend (Aug 10-12, Spokane, Washington) and GenCon next week (August 15-19). I will also make an appearance on a couple panels about writing and gaming at PAX Prime (August 31-Sept 2). Check my blog/facebook/twitter for details!

* What’s your next publication after this?

* What are you working on now?

    What am I not working on now, you mean! Just at the moment, my plate includes a novel I’m rehabilitating for publication hopefully next year, a couple short stories for fantasy anthologies, some freelance game design for MARVEL HEROIC ROLEPLAYING, and (perhaps most exciting of all) some consultation/work on the next chapter of the Forgotten Realms, my favorite fantasy setting and home of Shadowbane! With DnD-Next announced, the Realms is getting some love–come to the Keynote address at GenCon Indy to find out what sort! http://erikscottdebie.com/2012/05/20/gencon-indy-2012/.

* Excerpt your favorite line/passage from your story:

    I particularly like the lines from Mask, one of the characters in my story. Here he is warning the heroine about herself:

    “I will be what I choose, and nothing else,” she said.
    “I cannot decide which is the greater tragedy,” [Mask] said at length. “That you have all that power and refuse to use it, or that you think you can stop yourself.”

* Acknowledgements?

    This story owes a LOT to my patient wife Shelley, as well as the hundreds of readers out there who want to see the World of Ruin brought out in full glory. The long anticipation will be worth it, I promise! :)

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