Welcome to the submissions window for WHEN THE HERO COMES HOME 2!

Ed and I have already gotten an encouraging handful of stories. I know most people wait until the end of the reading period, to give their stories that last edit-and-polish. That’s good, and I encourage it, but it’s still exciting every time I get a new story in the inbox.

The biggest issue we’ve seen so far: Protagonists who are not heroes. Being the hero of the story isn’t enough. Show us that the character who comes home is a hero — in word, in deed, or both. They must have done something to distinguish themselves. Being a soldier, or a king, or a mage, isn’t enough.

The second-biggest issue we’ve seen so far: Too much backstory. We only need to know enough to understand their heroism and circumstances. It’s hard to give us the hero’s entire journey to this point without weighing the story down. Keep it to what’s relevant and essential to understand and appreciate the homecoming. As a rule, the story should move forward, not backward.

Submissions are open through December 31. If you’re interested, there’s still time. If you’re looking for the information on OPEN SUBMISSIONS FOR BONUS E-BOOK ONLY STORIES, click here. Anyone, of any skill and professional level, may submit a story for consideration.

As mentioned in a previous post, Ed Greenwood and I will be reading those stories blind, so please don’t send them to the wrong address. Also, please don’t post about your title, or Google Alerts may mail us spoilers.

If you received a personal invitation, the instructions are different. Please consult your invitation letter and send to the address listed there.

It’s too early to provide any stats, but I’ll keep you posted as info becomes available.

Dragon Moon Press will NOT be running an open submissions period for novels this month. The 2013 schedule is already full.

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  • Jennifer R. Povey December 19, 2012, 4:18 pm

    I sent mine today. And got an auto-responder…THANK you for setting one up. It makes it so much more relaxing when you know the editor got your story.

    Good luck with the anthology.



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