Upcoming Appearances:


FOGCon – March 2014, Walnut Creek CA

Ad Astra – April 2014, Toronto ON

GenCon – August 2014, Indianapolis IN

DragonCon – September 2014, Atlanta GA

On the Web:

* Roundtable Interview: Speculate! Podcast Episode 61: A Pyr Roundtable with Lou Anders, Brenda Cooper, Gabrielle Harbowy, and E.C. Myers, November 2012

* Guest Post: Inkpunks: On Seeing It Through, August 2011

* Guest Post: Dead Robots Society: Successful Slushing, March 2011

* Downloadable Premium Audio Course (30 minutes): Getting Ready to Send Your Query Letters at SF Writers University — free registration required to view course info.

* Interview: SF Signal Podcast, Episode 83, Patrick Hester chats with Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood, October 6, 2011

* Interview: Welcoming Heroes Home with Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood on Dead Robots Society Podcast, Episode 185, August 3, 2011

* Interview: When the Hero Comes Home, with Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood on Jennisodes, July 2011

* Interview: The Gloaming Magazine

* Interview: Gabrielle Harbowy, Renaissance Woman on Dead Robots Society Podcast, Episode 138, July 2010

* Interview: Gabrielle Harbowy of Dragon Moon Press on Blog Talk Radio, April 2010

* Interview: Query Letters and the Submission Process with Michell Plested at Irreverent Muse, October 2009

* Interview: Murder at Avedon Hill: Behind the Scenes, with PG Holyfield — Part One and Part Two, October 2009

* Roundtable Interview: Dirty Hands and Invisible Words: Speculative Fiction Editors Speak Out – part 1 at Clarkesworld Magazine, July 2009 Issue

* Roundtable Interview: Long Before They Were Read: Speculative Fiction Editors Speak Out – part 2 at Clarkesworld Magazine, August 2009 Issue

* Interview: What an Editor Can Do For Your Manuscript at Irreverent Muse, May 2009

* Guest article spotlight: Good Parts and Other Parts at NaNoEdMo 2009

Other Honors:

Judge, 2010 Parsec Awards

Judge, 2009 Parsec Awards

Previous Appearances:

DragonCon – September 2013, Atlanta GA

Panels: Pyr Rising

Nebula Awards Weekend – May 2013, San Jose CA

Panels: Anthologies

Ad Astra – April 2013, Toronto ON

San Francisco Writers Conference – February 2013, San Francisco CA

Ad Astra – April 2012, Toronto ON

GenCon – August 2012, Indianapolis IN

DragonCon – September 2012, Atlanta GA

World Fantasy Convention – November 2012, Toronto ON

FOGcon – March 30-April 1 2012, Walnut Creek CA

San Francisco Writers Conference – February 2012, San Francisco CA

DragonCon – September 2011, Atlanta GA

WorldCon / Renovation – August 2011, Reno NV

GenCon – August 2011, Indianapolis IN

Panels: Pub-Pourri

Westercon – San Jose, CA, July 2011

Panels: Getting Edgy; The Great Red Spot: Writers’ Regrets; Iron Editor; Finding the Right Voice

Ad Astra – Toronto, April 2011

Panels: Ad Astra Success Stories; What Makes a Hero; Editing Your Novel; Writing (Agent/Editor) Query Letters

The San Francisco Writers Conference – San Francisco, February 2011

Panels: On Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Dragon*Con – Atlanta, GA, September 2010

Panel: Podcasting Writers’ Roundtable

Ad Astra – Toronto, April 2010

Panels: Beyond Wikipedia (Research and Sources); How to Self-Edit; The Editors’ Dream; Working with a Small Press

San Francisco Writers Conference – February, 2010

World Fantasy Con – San Jose, October 29 – November 1 2009
Dragon*Con – Atlanta, September 4-7 2009

Panel: The Life and Times of Podcast Novels (recording courtesy of Dead Robots’ Society)

Anticipation – Worldcon Montreal – Montreal, August 6-10 2009

Panels: Editing in US vs Europe; Hard Sci-Fi: What You Do or How You Do It?

Ad Astra – Toronto, March 27-29 2009

Panels: What’s in a Name (Moderator); How to Self-Edit; How Not to Submit Your Work; The Advantages of Working with a Small Press


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When the Hero Comes Home When the Hero Comes Home
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When the Villain Comes Home When the Villain Comes Home
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When the Hero Comes Home: Volume 2 When the Hero Comes Home: Volume 2
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Witches, Stitches, and Bitches Witches, Stitches, and Bitches
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reviews: 1
ratings: 1 (avg rating 5.00)