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One of my absolute biggest peeves: "as" used incorrectly to connect actions. Most of the authors I work with are familiar with the way "as" makes me twitch, but I found myself explaining it in a social setting this weekend, and thought I'd jot it down for posterity. Going forward, maybe I can save time [...]

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At one time or another, we've all sought feedback on our writing, or been asked to give feedback to someone else. It's frustrating when someone can't find anything at all to critique, and equally frustrating when they start nitpicking because they think they aren't being helpful if they don't find some flaws. Below, I've assembled [...]

This is another editorial process post, to follow on from last week's post about knowing what to question. I'm aiming these toward writers and editors alike. It inevitably happens that an editor slips up and doesn't look up something they should, and makes an incorrect assumption--or an incorrect correction. Editors are humans and are subject [...]

One of the biggest tricks to successful copy editing is learning to question. I don’t mean learning to question the author. That comes pretty naturally, and there's actually a strong urge in the novice editor to over-correct because they're so diligently looking for things to fix. No, that kind of questioning is easy. What I [...]

Last February, I was a participant at the San Francisco Writers Conference, where I met lots and lots of people, but three people in particular: Katharine "Kit" Kerr, Alex Tillson, and Clint Talbert. Though it would probably surprise at least two of them to hear it, all three of them led me to great epiphanies [...]


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