This is another editorial process post, to follow on from last week's post about knowing what to question. I'm aiming these toward writers and editors alike. It inevitably happens that an editor slips up and doesn't look up something they should, and makes an incorrect assumption--or an incorrect correction. Editors are humans and are subject [...]

One of the biggest tricks to successful copy editing is learning to question. I don’t mean learning to question the author. That comes pretty naturally, and there's actually a strong urge in the novice editor to over-correct because they're so diligently looking for things to fix. No, that kind of questioning is easy. What I [...]

LIGHTBRINGER by K.D. McEntire Pyr kicks off their new Young Adult line with LIGHTBRINGER by debut author K.D. McEntire, releasing on November 15. This was a FUN book to work on, and I'm excited to see the early reviews starting to come in! "Lightbringer is a superb unforgettable young adult romantic urban fantasy filled with [...]

I'm trying to get ready to go out of town and deal with the loose ends regarding my mother's estate, so today's post will be short and sweet, and Thursday's post may well be absent, or equally brief. This blog often offers advice for new writers, but advice for new copyeditors is very important as [...]

Consistency is a big part of polish. Manuscripts with inconsistency issues will look sloppy and careless no matter how well they're written. Not only do they make more work for a publisher, but they also suggest to publishers and agents that you aren't serious enough to pay careful attention to your writing. I recommend doing [...]


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When the Hero Comes Home When the Hero Comes Home
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When the Villain Comes Home When the Villain Comes Home
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When the Hero Comes Home: Volume 2 When the Hero Comes Home: Volume 2
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Witches, Stitches, and Bitches Witches, Stitches, and Bitches
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reviews: 1
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