HELPFUL HANDOUT from my Rejectomancy seminar. This isn't the material covered in the seminar, but it's a lot of advice on making a manuscript rejection-resistant, which I've compiled from six years of blog posts.   Enjoy!

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Okay, you guys. Last night I took my first look at the names behind the HERO2 submissions, and you all blow me away. We had submissions from some seriously well-published folks, some friends, and writers from all over the world. I'm so glad we did this blindly, because I know I would have been swayed, [...]

Rejectomancy is the art of holding a form rejection letter up to the light and peering between the lines to try to divine more information about what the agent or editor really meant than the message itself provides. This weekend at FOGcon, on the "You Are Not Your Rejection Slips" panel, I learned a lot [...]

Form rejection letters give you very few words to work with, so it's natural to try to read between the lines and squeeze out a little more meaning; a little more of an explanation. Don't bother. Really. You're just putting yourself through unnecessary stress. I don't mean to be harsh here, but I see a [...]

In this new world model of publishing, the traditional gatekeepers -- editors, agents, publishers -- are finding themselves in a slightly different position. Self-publishing is on the rise, and anyone dissatisfied with "the system" can choose to detour around the gates and the gatekeepers entirely. But that does not encourage the gatekeepers to abandon their [...]


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