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I'm pleased to announce that I've been selected as a Submissions Editor for Apex Magazine. If you know me, then you know I really enjoy working with the slushpile (and not because broken dreams have no calories). I have high standards, and a track record for picking great works for my anthologies and for Dragon [...]

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Okay, you guys. Last night I took my first look at the names behind the HERO2 submissions, and you all blow me away. We had submissions from some seriously well-published folks, some friends, and writers from all over the world. I'm so glad we did this blindly, because I know I would have been swayed, [...]

8 Things Reality TV Can Teach Writers About Gatekeepers and Gatekeeping post image

I'd say that contest-based reality television is a guilty pleasure for me, except that I don't feel guilty about enjoying it. I'm talking about shows like Project Runway, Top Chef, and especially The Voice. As a reader of slush, I feel a certain kinship with the judges on these shows. They are also gatekeepers, deciding [...]

Rejectomancy is the art of holding a form rejection letter up to the light and peering between the lines to try to divine more information about what the agent or editor really meant than the message itself provides. This weekend at FOGcon, on the "You Are Not Your Rejection Slips" panel, I learned a lot [...]

Doing a bit of catch-up here... I did a fun guest post for the Dead Robots Society, which can be found here. It's all about adding value to your query and succeeding in the slush pile. Enjoy!


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reviews: 1
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